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What We Believe

The Bible

God chose to communicate His thoughts to us through men He chose while still preserving their own particular style.  He watched over what they did and made sure that every word they wrote was what He wanted them to write. Those original words were what is known as inspired.


No copies of the original texts exist today but God has seen to it that what they wrote has been miraculously preserved so that the copies we have today are, for all intents and purposes, identical to what was originally written. However, none of the copies of those texts or any translation of them into another language are inspired. 



When Adam decided to disobey God in the Garden of Eden, his relationship with God changed. God had told Adam that if he disobeyed, he would die, indicating that God had created man so that he could have lived forever.Because he sinned,  God cursed the ground and made it harder for Adam to sustain himself and eventually, Adam did die. God’s judgment on Adam not only affected him, it affected everyone who was born after him, every person up to the present day and beyond. Because of that and because we all choose to sin, all men are sinners before God and deserve to spend eternity in hell as punishment.



No one has ever seen God because He is invisible. What we know about Him is what He has chosen to tell us in the Bible. He has always existed and will continue to exist forever. He exists as three people while only being one—a concept that humans cannot fully understand. God exists as the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Among God’s characteristics are love and wrath, mercy and justice and these are always perfectly balanced. God’s actions are always consistent with his characteristics.

God the Son

God the Son is Jesus. God wanted to show us what He was like and He wanted to experience what we experienced so He sent His Son to earth because Jesus is the exact image of the invisible God. Jesus is therefore a perfect model of what we should do. While He was on the earth, Jesus temporarily laid aside many of His divine attributes such as his ability to be everywhere at once or to know everything all the time. That being said, His primary reason to come to earth was to die in the place of sinful men so that they could be "born again" and be forgiven of their sins. After His death and resurrection, Jesus returned to heaven and resumed His former roles.  He now serves as high priest where He intercedes for believers before the Father’s throne.

God the Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit is a person just like the Father and the Son. He can be grieved; He preserves us; He lives inside the believer; He brings conviction to the hearts of unbelievers so that they know when they are doing wrong and that they will be judged because of it;  He convicts the believer of sin; He comforts us and encourages us and He does many other things, especially for those who become a part of God’s family.



Satan is a real being. He was created as an angel of God but, along with many other angels, he chose to disobey God. God expelled him from heaven and since then it has been his mission to destroy mankind and to take the place of God. He will eventually burn in the Lake of Fire for eternity, along with those who served him, both people and angels.



The Bible says that there is nothing a person can do that will please God enough to allow Him to ignore His justice and allow people’s sins to go unpunished; someone has to pay the penalty for our failure to live up to God's righteous standards. Because God is merciful and does not wish to give us what we deserve, He sent His Son Jesus to die in our place. That was Jesus’ primary purpose for coming to earth. Those who believe that Jesus died and rose again in their place and who willing turn away from their sins and give their lives to Jesus to do with as He pleases become God’s child and will spend eternity with Him.


The End Times

Sometime in the future Jesus will return in the air and those who are God’s children and all those who have ever been God’s child will be given immortal bodies as they are snatched from the earth and taken to meet Him. At the same time believers are taken to heaven, seven years of destruction and misery will begin on earth. It will be unlike anything that has ever occurred on the earth before.


After seven years, Jesus will return to earth with those who were taken to heaven and those who had preceded them to heaven in death. He will throw Satan into a pit so that he will have no influence on the lives of men. God will also refurbish the earth and make it similar to the Garden of Eden. Things will grow more easily and animals will have no fear of each other or of men. The earth will be repopulated by those who are still alive at the end of the seven horrible years who trusted Jesus to be their Savior. Those who fought against God and failed to accept the free gift He offered will be thrown into hell. Jesus will rule for 1,000 years and at the end of that time He will release Satan for a short period of time. Those who live on the earth will have to choose whom they will serve; God or Satan. Then there will be a battle between God and Satan and God will defeat Satan and bring everyone who fought against Him to judgment. He will sit on a Great White Throne and everyone who has ever lived will be “reconstituted,” that is, they will be given a body similar to the one they had. Those who died at sea, those who were cremated, and those who were buried will all be there. Those who rejected Jesus’ free gift of salvation will be thrown into the Lake of Fire along with Satan and his demons. Those who believed Jesus died and was resurrected in their place and who willingly made Him Master of their lives will enter the New Jerusalem and live with God for eternity.

A complete doctrinal statement is available on request which includes scripture references.


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